Nel 2022 il Lec è pieno di superteam

The LEC was filled with some fantastic teams last year, and rightfully so. This European Championship gathers some of the best players in the industry to clash and do battle to win the League of Legends crown. 


Team BDS


One of these new super teams is Team BDS, one of the most under-radar rosters in the LEC this season. The team is out to prove that the European League of Legends Championship has more depth than was previously displayed by its proven and prominent organization.


Team BDS built its roster from pools of existing LEC talent and the French regional league. When the team came into the league at the beginning of 2022, hardly anyone knew them.


Other teams in the league were standardized and recognizable because they came pre-built to some degree. The new Team BDS was forced to build from scratch and created a fantastic lineup that we are excited to watch.


From known names looking to showcase their worth to young players getting their first chance to display their skill, the BDS lineup is on a mission to prove its worth and show it can take LEC this year. 


Team Liquid


Despite the roster looking very different this year, Team Liquid walked away from the League of Legends LCS Lock with a commanding vittoria. The team had visa issues preventing the organization from showing up for the prospective roster of Spring Split.


With a controversial end to 2021, Team Liquid found a way to return from its constant roster maneuvers. That means they had to come back with a bang, and the team did just that. 


Out of all 10 competitors, Liquid made arguably the most significant changes to its roster during the preseason. The team brought two LEC veterans, Hans Sama and Bwipo, and kept MVP caliber talent with CoreJJ and Santorini.


Team Liquid successfully sought one of the most significant acquisitions in recent LEC because its central lane position was empty. During the first time in his career, Bjergsen would be leaving TSM Jersey to join Liquid.


SK Gaming 


During the kick-off of the 2021 seasons, SK Gaming began in a promising fashion. Furthermore, during the Summer Split, the team threw it all away by making some of the weirdest roster decisions in LEC history. 


Fielding coach Jesse “Jesiz” Le was placed at support, and Erik “treats” was moved to a new position in jungle. People wondered if this was a good move, and unfortunately, it was not. This strategy did not pay off for SK Gaming, and it seems that they have learned from their errors.


SK Gaming has moved Treatz back to his previous role, which he played wonderfully last year. While the squad finds its groove with their new mid/jungle duo, Janik “Jenax” Bartels flew under the radar last year, and rightfully so. 


That will be a pillar of strength for the team, and we think when he comes back refreshed and ready to guide the team, they will be off to a good season. We believe the changes that SK Gaming has made are significant enough to give them some leverage during the LEC.




Overall, the LEC is filled with super teams this year, and with many exciting changes to their rosters, we are thrilled to see all the action set for this year. 


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